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Ecommerce websites provides you with a venue to sell your product or service in the international marketplace, without being an international company. But the idea that an ecommerce website will lead to an instant improvement in your bottom line is a myth.

NCC has considerable experience in building ecommerce websites, and it’s a piece of the web business that we approach with caution. Ecommerce projects must be superbly organized and planned before going into production.

Our Ecommerce Experience Includes

Ecommerce Checklist

We recommend that you be able to answer the following questions before calling a website developer about your ecommerce project:

  1. How many products will the catalog contain?
  2. Do you already have product photography?
  3. Do the products have options such as color or size?
  4. How do you want your customers to pay for their purchases?
  5. Do you have a spreadsheet containing the following information: product sku or number, product name, price, shipping weight, product description, product options
  6. How do you intend to ship the product?
  7. Do you wish to be able to self-manage the inventory of the store?
  8. Are you using a fulfillment service?
  9. What are your goals for generating traffic and sales with the website?
  10. How much of a discount rate can you afford and still make a profit?

NCC will be happy to discuss your ecommerce project with you and make recommendations for the most cost-effective method of accomplishing your online sales goals.

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