Build hope for the future

Here at NCC, we want to light up Christmas for those who need it most by donating a million kronor to humanitarian projects that are close to our hearts. And we do this instead of sending Christmas cards and presents to customers and employees.

Instead of Christmas gifts to employees and business partners, NCC gives a Group-wide Christmas donation. The donation for 2018 was to Engineers Without Borders, a non-governmental organization, which works with development projects around the world. The projects are conducted by volunteers, local suppliers and always with local partners to spread knowledge and providing sustainable solutions.

NCC's donation was directed towards a planned project for a school in Karagwe in Tanzania to build more classrooms, laboratories and dormitories. The education program can thereby be extended, which means the pupils will then be eligible to apply for university studies. New water tanks will provide access to drinking water and water for cleaning, cooking and watering crops for the 3,500 to 4,000 pupils and teachers in the area.

Previous donations

Would you like to see where our previous Christmas donations went? On our blog, recipients of the Christmas donation describe in their own words how they put our Christmas gift to good use. (in Swedish)

Doctors without borders
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Engineers Without Borders
Projects in Mutomo

Listen to Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability, as she reflects on NCC’s Christmas donation and other collaborations that give everyone at NCC even more reason to look forward to the festive season – because we’re in a position to do something for those who have so much tougher lives than us. This film is about lighting candles and giving hope. We want to inspire more people to do something for those who have nothing.