Build hope for the future

Here at NCC, we want to light up Christmas for those who need it most by donating a million kronor to humanitarian projects that are close to our hearts. And we do this instead of sending Christmas gifts to customers and employees.

Corona has had devastating effects on our world and now it is even more important that children can get help. This becomes especially noticeable when society shuts down and many are in isolation at home due to the pandemic.

This year NCC's Christmas donation will be equally shared between the Nordic countries to the following organizations:

  • Denmark; Children's Rights National Association
  • Finland; Hyvä joulumieli, Good Holidays Spirit charity campaign
  • Norway; MOT Show courage, Mental Health Youth and the Hospital Clowns
  • Sweden; BRIS, the children’s rights in society organization

With NCC’s donations, these organizations can shine a light of hope for more children and youth.

Previous donations

Would you like to see where our previous Christmas donations went? On our blog, recipients of the Christmas donation describe in their own words how they put our Christmas gift to good use. (in Swedish)

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