Global Partnership with UNICEF

NCC is supporting UNICEF's water and sanitation programs in China and Timor-Leste. In addition the partnership aims at helping implement a child rights perspective in city development.

The newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals will require co-operation between all stakeholders in society and the private sector plays an important role in the fulfilment of the goals by 2030. Inspired by this, the partnership between UNICEF and NCC aims at contributing to the goals around water which is an important prerequisite for sustainable cities.

Reduced access to safe water leads to waterborne diseases that can be fatal to children. Providing clean water and adequate sanitation is a priority for UNICEF. In 2015, thanks to UNICEF's efforts, nearly 14 million children and their families were provided with clean water and 11 million with basic toilets.

“NCC wants to have an impact on child survival and child health by supporting UNICEF’s efforts to improve water and sanitation services. NCC is largely dependent on water both in the Nordic countries and indirectly through sourcing of products in other parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asia and we want to increase our focus on water connected to our own business”

- Christina Lindbäck, Senior vice President of sustainability at NCC

Picture - Christina Lindback

“As a key stakeholder in urban development, NCC has a larger impact on children than you might expect. Much can be achieved to promote children's rights when we join forces”

- Véronique Lönnerblad, Executive Director at UNICEF Sweden