Awareness Day 2022 – dare to take a time out

Awareness Day focus on health and safety issues by addressing our behavior and increase awareness about attitude and behavior as a team and individual. We want Awareness Day to nurture a culture where health and safety is a natural part which contributes to healthier work environment and reaching our vision of zero accidents.

Why do we have AwarenessDay? 

  • The purpose of AwarenessDay is to put focus on health and safety issues by addressing our behavior 
  • Making health and safety a natural part of our culture and contribute to reach our vision of zero accidents

What is AwarenessDay? 

At 09.00, the first Wednesday in September, all employees gather in their respective department to follow a set agenda and focus area shared by the entire NCC. The agenda is intended to contribute to reflections and discussions and the result should later on be followed up by respective work site. 

Awareness Day has the focus Safe Behaviour
Health and Safety