Awareness Day

Awareness Day focus on health and safety issues by addressing our behavior and increase awareness about attitude and behavior as a team and individual. We want Awareness Day to nurture a culture where health and safety is a natural part which contributes to healthier work environment and reaching our vision of zero accidents.

Awareness Day focuses on health and safety issues by addressing our attitudes and behavior as a team and individual in relation to safety. It is held on the first Wednesday of September each year. At 9.00 a.m. we gather in our teams to follow a set agenda and discuss a focus area shared by the entire NCC Group. The results of the discussions are later followed up by each team.

Awareness Day 2023: Wednesday, September 6

Theme: Safety culture 

This year’s Awareness Day is held on Wednesday, September 6. The theme is safety culture – our attitudes, values and behaviors in relation to safety. By discussing our safety culture, we can reflect on how our attitudes and behaviors can promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Purpose of Awareness Day 

Since 2011, NCC has held Awareness Day to support a safety culture that contributes to our long-term objective of reducing accidents in general and eliminating serious accidents and incidents.

Awareness Day has the focus Safe Behaviour
Health and Safety