Health and Safety Week

Health and Safety Week needs to be adapted to be carried out safely in the situation of corona virus.

Why do we have a Health and Safety week?

  • NCC’s Health and Safety Week is a week where you at your work site choose and carry out health and safety activities to get inspiration, knowledge and commitment to close the gap to our vision - zero accidents.

  • Together we strengthen our safety culture.


Managers with personnel responsibility are responsible to arrange the week with the team.

Teams working remotely should keep using digital solutions

On work sites divide into small groups and follow your country regulations for corona or specific work site regulations.


  1. Discuss with your leader on activities that suit your business. What inspires you / what do you want to learn more about?

During the week

  1. Perform activity. In small groups, individually or online.

What is Health and Safety Week?

The Health and Safety Week is held throughout NCC, but with room for local variation in operations. During the week, each workplace carries out activities with health and safety as the focus. All NCC employees must attend during the week. The week's activities are prepared and decided by the manager and the employees together and should reflect what suits them in their own workplace.

Days left until next Health and Safety Week