Health and Safety

In NCC's zero vision for worksite accidents, we are striving to cut the number of accidents within the Group to the lowest possible level.

To achieve this, we all need to work together to make the work environment in our own workplaces as safe as possible – every day.

Because, although we have become much better at avoiding worksite accidents – in recent years, the number of accidents has fallen by 45% (from 14.6 to 8.0*) – there is still more we can do. We must ensure that no-one is injured or killed at work. We want everyone to come home safely!

* No. of accidents with at least one day of absence from work per 1 million hours worked.

Time Out

No-one is perfect. So let’s help each other! If you think we are falling short of a safe work environment in any way, speak up, and take Time Out!

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Silent Book

Silent Book, which uses clear pictures to show how work can be performed safely at our construction sites, is one of many examples of a preventive approach to work safety.

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