Daily safety briefing

On NCC production sites work teams need to do a daily safety briefing before starting up the work. The purpose is for a working team to shortly discuss what to do today, what risks and activities occurs today and how to act safe according to those. A work place can have several working teams, and each team shall do their daily safety briefing.

Daily safety briefing derives from LEAN and has been used in fixed industry for several years with good effect. It's a good way to keep health and safety forefront in the mind and make everyone aware of current risks.

How to do a Daily safety briefing

  1. What activities are we doing today?
    Gather in your work teams for a Daily Safety Briefing of two minutes.
  2. Which risks do we see in our activities?
    Reflect on and discuss today's activities.
  3. Are we prepared to work safely?
    Are the safety risks handled properly and appropriate preparations made?

Take care of each other

If a new unsafe situation occurs, take Time Out, take necessary action and continue production under safe conditions. Take care of each other and establish a habit that can save lives.

Documentation is not needed from the toolbox talk sessions. If risk analysis or work safe instruction needs to be updated, this should be done before work starts

Site management is responsible to encourage all production teams to do their daily safety briefing