Code of Conduct

NCC is active throughout the value chain in our efforts to create future environments for work, living and communications. This results in stringent requirements in terms of responsible enterprise and employees who accept responsibility.

In this Code of Conduct, we describe the requirements we have established for the actions and behaviors of our Board members, management and employees and which we also assume are respected by all of our business partners.

The foundation for our conduct is reflected in our values



  • are true to ourselves and to our stakeholders
  • conduct business in a correct and responsible manner 
  • make sure that our stakeholders can always rely on NCC



  • value diversity and treat others respectfully
  • co-operate, value the opinion of others and we stand behind our decisions
  • use all resources with care



  • trust each other, say what we mean and do what we say
  • have the courage to be forthright and clear
  • honor our commitments and strive towards high standards of quality, ethics and sustainability

Pioneering spirit


  • take initiative, work proactively and with energy
  • have the courage to try new ways of thinking and working
  • drive development together with our stakeholders