Stakeholder dialog and social responsibility

NCC’s commitment to society is pursued at many different levels and aimed at several different stakeholder groups.

In day-to-day work, this concerns tens of thousands of meetings between people, and a constant exchange of thoughts and experiences that help us in our continued development.

All of these meetings generate added value and help us in setting our priorities in the sustainability area. To find out the views of NCC's principal target groups in respect of sustainability issues and their expectations of NCC, we implemented a simplified, targeted survey in 2013, which will be followed up at a more in-depth level in the years ahead.

The 2013 survey showed that our stakeholders regard the following issues as most important:

  • Ensure the provision of healthy and safe workplaces
  • Develop products and services from a sustainability perspective
  • Subject suppliers to demands in terms of quality, health, security and the environment

NCC also implements thorough market and customer-­satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, to better understand customer needs and preferences. When designing new residential districts, NCC offers stakeholders information and dialog. A notable example is the development of Norra Sigtuna, where NCC, through what is referred to as vision-controlled town planning, involved the inhabitants of Sigtuna in the planning of this new residential district.

Participation in the general debate

For some years, NCC has actively participated in the Swedish debate concerning the conditions for increased residential construction. With experiences gained from the Nordic countries and Germany, where NCC is the largest housing developer, the company has constructively mediated valuable insights and experiences with proposals for a faster decision and construction process. The dialog has taken place in the form of seminars, debate contributions, articles and statements of opinion submitted to various government agencies.

During the year, NCC in Denmark had major success with a project called the Dome of Visions, a mobile visionary meeting place and multi-dimensional sustainability project aimed at offering dialog and discussions on the appearance of future construction.

NCC otherwise engages in continuous dialog with various stakeholder organizations and meets with investors, analysts and shareholders regularly. During 2013, a Group-wide Public Affairs function was also established, which is tasked with increasing the company's internal expertise in handling contacts with the public.

NCC also has a commitment in many local sports clubs and supported various non-profit organizations during the year, such as Mattehjälpen, which provides tutoring in mathematics homework to more than 100,000 high school and senior high school students in Sweden. The organization is provided with financial ­support and NCC employees are also offered an opportunity to serve as voluntary tutors. Another example is Drömmarnas Hus in Rosengård in Malmö, a creative educational meeting place for young people, where ­culture and nature experiences are in focus.

NCC also assumes responsibility for society from a broader perspective and, in 2013, donated SEK 500,000 to victims of the natural disaster in the Philippines and, following a vote among employees, donated SEK 1 M in lieu of Christmas presents, as a Christmas gift to UNICEF for its work in Niger on installing water pumps that will increase accessibility to clean drinking water