Information regarding changes to company names, invoicing addresses and VAT numbers

On January 1, 2016, a new organization took effect at NCC. The operations have been divided into four specialized business areas, to increase our customer focus and create a more efficient organization: NCC Industry, NCC Building, NCC Infrastructure and NCC Property Development.

Renaming of companies

As a formal consequence of the organizational change, a number of companies will be renamed as of May 1, 2016. The following companies will be renamed:

  • NCC Construction Sverige AB will become NCC Sverige AB
  • NCC Rakennus Oy will become NCC Suomi Oy
  • Construction AS will become NCC Norge AS
  • NCC Construction Danmark A/S will become NCC Danmark A/S
  • NCC Roads Holding AB will become NCC Industry Nordic AB
  • NCC Roads AB will become NCC Industry AB
  • NCC Roads OY will become NCC Industry Oy
  • NCC Roads AS will become NCC Industry AS
  • NCC Roads A/S will become NCC Industry A/S

No changes will be made to the NCC Property Development business area.

Change of invoicing addresses

Effective May 1, NCC will also change its invoicing address for Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Finland will retain its current invoicing address. There will be one invoicing address per country regardless of which NCC company the invoice is issued to:

NCC’s company name
NCC’s company name
FE 650FE 610
SE- 838 75 Frösön

SE-838 75 Frösön

NCC’s company name
FE 680
SE-838 75 Frösön

NCC’s company name
PL 524


Change of VAT numbers

As of May 1, NCC AB and NCC Sweden AB will have new VAT numbers.

  • NCC AB: SE556034517401
  • NCC Sverige AB (formerly NCC Construction Sverige AB): SE556613492901

As one of NCC’s customer or suppliers, you will need to update your records.

All companies will remain the same legal entities, and retain the same corporate registration numbers as before. These companies will continue to be contractual partners to all of NCC’s customers and suppliers. 


 To achieve more efficient and reliable processing of supplier invoicec, NCC har switched to electronic invoicing. This places certain demands on the formulation of invoices. At present, we are able to accept invoices in the following ways:

  • Web invoice
    eBuild is a free web invoicing service for the entire construction industry. After registration, invoices can easily be created in a web form and sent to all companies within the NCC Group. Read more under the heading web invoice via eBuild or visit

  • E-invoice
    Since NCC uses Itella as a WAN operator, support is available for most formats. If you wish to be connected, please register your interest by e-mailing

  • Paper invoices
    Paper invoices to NCC's companies in Sweden may be submitted for scanning until further notice to our invoicing address: 

    NCC company name
    FE 610
    SE-838 75 Frösön

    Make sure that you specify the right company as the recipient and that all mandatory information is included.  

    Because NCC will eventually phase out the option of submitting paper invoices, you are encouraged as a supplier to review your options for sending us electronic invoices.
    Note that only invoices may be sent to the above address. Order confirmations, tenders, contracts and delivery notes, as well as other mail, must be sent to the appropriate mailing address.