Finnkino Oy: ”The lookout is good from Aitio”, Aitio Business Park, Helsinki, Ruskeasuo district

The Finnish cinema chain moved their head office to Aitio Business Park where they found a lookout point of their own on the building’s seventh floor. "Everything about these premises is in first class order," Executive Assistant Seija Tarkiainen says.

Since its establishment in 1986, Finland’s largest cinema chain Finnkino Oy has expanded to 11 localities and currently operates 14 cinemas and 92 screens all over Finland. The company is a member of the Nordic Cinema Group which is the largest cinema chain in the Nordic countries.

The company which was formerly based at Vantaa faced certain changes due to owner arrangements. "The former spaces were in a bad way, and the location was not the best either. We started looking for more modern office space at a better place," Tarkiainen confirms.

Spaces to suit the needs

After a year’s search the choice fell on Aitio Business Park. The construction of the building started shortly after the lease agreement was signed, and the layout of the entire head office floor could be flexibly modified to suit the company’s individual needs. "The location proved the best possible instantly. We can now be easily reached by all means of transport. We operate near the city centre, but far enough from the worst traffic jams," Tarkiainen says.

The interior design reflects the cinema theme which enhances the company image neatly. Entering the premises, the visitor gets to walk the red carpet, and the conference rooms are decorated with the great classics of cinema. Who would not recognise James Bond, the Godfather, Star Wars, Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin? The domestic visitor may marvel at the bygone splendour of Finnish film production.

Everything you could ever wish for

After a month’s occupancy Finnkino employees are still thrilled, "We had our doubts about the open-plan office, but everything fell into place really well. The communication within the team has improved, and there are the necessary quiet spots to be found, for example, quiet rooms." Ms Tarkiainen says admiringly, "You simply cannot get tired of such great views! Overlooking the trees and rooftops you would never guess being so close to the city centre."

Extra services like the elegant entrance lobby and the restaurant in common use, the function room available for rent on the eighth floor, and the BREEAM environmental rating applied for Aitio Business Park all bring added value to the user. "What more could one ask of an office?" Tarkiainen says with a smile on her face.

"The best thing about Aitio Business Park is the entire package. At Aitio, all your wishes come true," Seija Tarkiainen says.