Enfo Oyj: ”The space supports the atmosphere”

The new office of IT service company Enfo radiates efficiency, functionality, life and colour. Through the Activity Based Office, the company emerged into the modern era.

Before moving into Alberga Business Park in June 2014, Enfo's head office was situated only a few hundred metres away. The distance was a short one, but the leap to a modern space was huge in many ways.

"As our previous lease agreement was ending, we were able to move. We wanted to have all of our 200 employees effectively working on a single floor instead of the previous three. What is more, we didn't want to lose our valuable location which is easily accessible by our customers and employees," says Nathalie Siivola, Administrative Manager.

"We chose Alberga Business Park because it fulfilled so many expectations. The building has a BREEAM classification, meaning that it is the perfect match for our Green Office principle. The spaces were tailored according to our brand. We are more than happy to bring our customers to the magnificent premises," Siivola says.

Separate lift accesses

"We were able to start with a clean slate, as the space was nothing but concrete when we started. We selected the Activity Based Office concept, which is a multi-use office changing according to the nature of work," Siivola says.

The Enfo office is easily accessible from the main lobby using two separate lifts. One leads to the employees' wing, the other to the public area that houses a large living room, kitchen and customer areas. Most Enfo employees have their own workstations, and there is a mo-bile area for those who mostly work outside the office. Comfort comes from ergonomic furniture and good acoustics.

Even though the near 2,000 square metres used by Enfo are partly located in Building B and partly in Building C, the transition between the buildings is barely noticeable. In addition, the company can expand to Building D on the same floor if it needs more space.

Improved sense of togetherness

"As expected, working on a single floor has improved our sense of togetherness. Both official and unofficial meetings have increased and interaction has improved. People are actually hoping to spend some time together in the living room. Nobody checks whether a coffee break takes two or twenty minutes, as long as work gets done," Siivola says.

The orange kitchen wall is a fun detail. It has been coated using whiteboard paint so that messages can be written or drawn on it and they can also be wiped off. "All positive and in-spiring messages are permitted. People build the atmosphere, and the space supports it."

Working with good partners was a positive experience for Siivola.

"What I valued most was that the NCC contact people did more than we asked them to do. For example, they independently proposed solutions along the way that ultimately made the office even better."