Current world events

Below you will find information about world events that may impact NCC.

War in Ukraine

NCC has no operations in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine and therefore, there is a limited direct impact. The Group has a few subcontractors and suppliers with links to the countries concerned. However, the global economy, and not least price changes and shortages in material, oil, oil-based products and energy, may have an impact on NCC. We are monitoring developments closely.

Coronavirus pandemic

NCC’s ambition is, and has been, to conduct operations with as few disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic as possible, to find solutions to problems that may arise, and to comply with the authorities’ restrictions and recommendations in place to limit the spread of infection. NCC may be impacted by pandemics in several ways. For example, restrictions on travel and freedom of movement, infection rates and quarantines can impact the provision of labor. However, the pandemic had no direct impact on the Group in 2021 and 2022 and the business was able to make good progress.

Tove Stål

Head of Group External Relations, NCC Group