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Latest Press Releases

Revised proposals regarding dividend and director fees

Owing to the prevailing uncertainty in society due to the corona virus, the Board of Directors of NCC propose that the Annual General Meeting on April 1 does not resolve on any dividend. However, the intention of the Board of Directors is to, if conditions allow, convene an Extra General Meeting later in the year to decide on a dividend. The Nomination Committee has also decided to propose that the director fees remain unchanged compared to 2019.

NCC to construct healthcare buildings in Sörmland for SEK 2.4 billion

NCC is to construct two new healthcare buildings at Mälar Hospital in Eskilstuna and Nyköping Hospital in collaboration with Region Sörmland. The total order value for both projects amounts to more than SEK 2.4 billion.

Information regarding the NCC Annual General Meeting on April 1, 2020 in view of the coronavirus

As previously announced, NCC plans to hold its Annual General Meeting on April 1 at 4:30 pm, at Norra Latin, Drottninggatan 71 B, Stockholm, Sweden. However, NCC will take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of the spread of infection on account of the coronavirus. We are monitoring developments in society carefully and will revise this decision as needed.  

Revised proposal for dividend

The Board of Directors of NCC has previously proposed a dividend of SEK 5 per share divided into two payments, the first of SEK 2.50 per share in April and the second of SEK 2.50 per share in November. Owing to the prevailing uncertainty in society, however, the Board now proposes that the Annual General Meeting only decides on a dividend of SEK 2.50 per share, with April 3, 2020 as the record date. The ambition of the Board of Directors is to, if conditions allow, summon an Extra General Meeting to decide on a second dividend.  

NCC’s 2019 Annual Report available at

NCC’s 2019 Annual Report is now available digitally at


Novel way to build at OOPS site in Leppävaara – NCC’s and Trimble’s joint project uses state-of-the-art digital tools

One of the largest property development projects in the metropolitan area is underway in the Hatsinanpuisto area of Leppävaara. The first building to rise in this area developed by NCC is Trimble’s headquarters which means a joint expedition to testing and using new digital construction tools.

NCC’s climate footprint continues to shrink

NCC is well on its way to achieving its climate target, to halve emissions from its own production by 2020. At mid-year, measurements showed a decrease in emissions of 42 percent since 2015. The outcome is followed up on a full-year and off-year basis, where the half-year result is usually somewhat higher as the asphalt operations are not run for full capacity during winter.

NCC and Volvo develop new service for excavation material that offers high productivity and less climate impact

NCC and Volvo Trucks have jointly developed a digital service to increase the efficiency of loading and removal of excavation rubble. The service is now being tested at NCC’s worksite at the Centralen subproject of the West Link tunnel project and will eliminate the need for thousands of truck journeys and reduce CO2 emissions by a thousand tons.

Running a Mega Project

What distinguishes a Mega project and what is required to successfully run and manage a Mega Project? The question is highly relevant for those who started NCC's training NCC Mega Project Management Program last week. The training is a part of a major investment NCC makes in project management.

NCC continues to reduce its climate footprint

Over just seven years, 25 of some 30 asphalt plants in Sweden have been converted to run on biofuel. There are strong hopes for similar progress in other Nordic countries.