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NCC to develop KY Building in Helsinki into modern office premises

NCC has acquired and is now commencing renovation of the illustrious and centrally located KY Building in Helsinki, Finland. The property, which is the former students’ union building of Helsinki School of Economics, will be renovated and converted into a modern, sustainable and multifunctional office block.

Divestment of NCC Road Services in Denmark to Arkil will not go ahead

In July 2020, NCC entered an agreement with Arkil A/S to divest the road service business in Denmark with 200 employees. The divestment was conditional upon approval from the Danish competition authorities with an option to withdraw if the conditions had not been met at a certain time. Arkil has now decided to use that option.

NCC to construct Granåsen sports facility on behalf of Trondheim Municipality

NCC and Trondheim Municipality have signed an agreement to construct the new Granåsen winter sport venue in Trondheim, Norway. The project has been optimized in an initial phase during which the parties worked together to devise suitable technical solutions and plans for the implementation phase. The order is worth approximately SEK 470 million.

NCC’s Annual General Meeting 2021

Today at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the shareholders of NCC passed resolutions concerning inter alia the adoption of the income statement and the balance sheet, discharge from liability for the Board of Directors and the CEO, payment of a dividend and the introduction of a long-term performance-based incentive program. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the AGM was held without the physical presence of shareholders, proxies and external parties and was conducted only by postal voting.

NCC to construct Science Park Towers in Jönköping

NCC, in cooperation with Jönköpings kommuns Fastighetsutveckling AB, is to construct the property block and future meeting place Science Park Towers in central Jönköping, Sweden. The order value is approximately SEK 440 million.

NCC to carry out major refurbishment project in southern Sweden

NCC has secured an assignment from the Akelius property company to perform remodeling and refurbishment works on a project in southern Sweden. The assignment is a turnkey contract valued at approximately SEK 540 million.

NCC commences project to expand two correctional facilities in Skaraborg

NCC and Specialfastigheter have signed initial agreements for the expansion of two correctional facilities in Skaraborg. The assignment is to be conducted within the scope of the parties’ strategic partnering agreement and is to commence immediately with a planning phase. The total potential order volume is about SEK 2 billion.

NCC to build seven apartment buildings for the City of Helsinki

NCC has been commissioned by the City of Helsinki to build seven apartment buildings with in total 187 apartments in the Herttoniemi area in eastern Helsinki. The combined order value is approximately 35 MEUR.

NCC has completed the sale of Valle View in Oslo

NCC has completed the sale of Valle View, the last remaining part of the property development project in the Helsfyr area in Oslo that was sold in August 2019. There will be a positive impact on cashflow in the first quarter 2021 but earnings in the quarter will be impacted by provisions for rental guarantees and VAT.

NCC’s 2020 Annual and Sustainability Report is published

NCC’s 2020 Annual and Sustainability Report is now available digitally at

NCC and Fortum increase dam safety in Dalälven

NCC has been commissioned by Fortum to reinforce the Forshuvud hydropower plant in Borlänge. NCC and Fortum have also entered a framework agreement covering maintenance works on all of Fortum’s plants in Sweden. Two agreements have been concluded, with a combined order value of approximately SEK 270 million.

NCC to construct a 21,000 sqm LEED Platinum office building in Helsinki

NCC and Pembroke have signed a contract to build a new office building in the Vallila area in Helsinki. An obsolete office will be replaced by a new sustainable and energy efficient 21,000 sqm building.

Updated financial calendar

NCC has adjusted its financial calendar for 2021 compared to previously communicated dates for internal planning reasons.

Conversion of shares in NCC AB

According to NCC’s articles of association, owners of Series A shares are entitled to request that such shares be converted to Series B shares. Conversion reduces the total number of voting rights in the company.

Notification of the Annual General Meeting 2021 of NCC AB

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Board has decided that the meeting should be conducted without the physical presence of shareholders, representatives and external parties. NCC instead welcomes the shareholders to ask questions via e-mail and exercise their voting right at the meeting by postal voting in the manner described below and in the notice.