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Conversion of shares in NCC AB

According to NCC’s articles of association, owners of Series A shares are entitled to request that such shares be converted to Series B shares. Conversion reduces the total number of voting rights in the company.

NCC to commence construction of schools and day-care center in Pakilanpuisto in Helsinki

NCC has signed an agreement with the City of Helsinki to construct schools in Pakilanpuisto in collaboration, with strict environmental objectives. The order value amounts to approximately EUR 27 million.

NCC to construct 144 apartments in Älvsjöstaden, Stockholm

NCC has been commissioned by Familjebostäder to construct 144 rental apartments in Älvsjöstaden, south of Stockholm. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form with an order value of approximately SEK 280 million.

NCC to construct section of Tvärbanan light rail line

NCC has been commissioned by Stockholm Public Transport (SL) and the City of Sundbyberg to carry out preparatory work for the Tvärbanan light rail line by the new Rissne station in the north of Stockholm. The order value is approximately SEK 265 million.