We build in wood with our expertise and experience

There is enormous interest in building in wood, and as a contractor we are delighted to be involved in a number of exciting projects where wood plays a crucial role – from beautiful wooden facades to exposed wood in the interior design and buildings with load-bearing timber frames.

NCC’s expertise within construction and civil engineering offers incredible breadth and depth. Together, our units can handle projects of a size and complexity that few Danish contractors have the resources for.

This also applies to wood construction. Our goal is to be among the leading contractors when it comes to building large, complex timber buildings. This applies to the planning and management of the building project, as well as training and educating our own workforce in the installation of load-bearing structures in wood.

We develop the competencies in-house

The methods are different when building with timber as the load-bearing structure compared to traditional steel and concrete construction, and because building tall designs in wood is quite new to Denmark, this type of project remains more the exception than the rule.

The discipline of building large wooden constructions may be new to Denmark, but it is familiar to NCC since, as a Nordic group, we are able to draw on our own experience from both Norway and Sweden, with examples including the office buildings Valle Wood in Oslo, Magasin X in Uppsala and most recently Habitat 7 in Gothenburg.

At NCC, we are keen to upskill our workforce to work with wood, which is why we have our own Wood Academy training our engineers and designers on an ongoing basis.

Our many tradespeople are also trained to work with wood, including CLT elements, so that we can build with the best materials for every task, and so that we can maintain the in-house knowledge and experience that enables us to carry out large, complex construction projects in wood.