How-to Guides

Do you want to do the ground work yourself? It's both fun and cost effective! Our how-to guides describe the most common ground work around the home. They provide you with good ideas and tips on how to proceed.

  • Gravel road maintenance

    The best time for maintenance of gravel roads is in the spring when winter road treatment has ended and frost has left the soil.

  • Laying paving slabs

    The preparatory work is very important when lay paving slabs.

  • Laying natural stone

    When you lay stones on pathways and patios in the garden you should remember to choose stones that are approximately the same size so that the surface you are laying is not too uneven to walk on.

  • Driveway

    A driveway must, like a road, be able to carry traffic without deforming and it must be able to withstand wear. You build a driveway according to the same principles as you construct a road.

  • Illustration for how to fill drainage pipes.
    Filling around drainage pipes

    Depending on the type of pipe you intend installing, there are different guidelines that should be followed.

  • House ground drainage

    It is important to drain properly around a house so that you do not get problems with damp.

  • To construct a paddock

    A paddock must have a hard base and a soft layer on top and let through water.