NCC’s Mergers and Acquisitions

This is an overview of our major acquisitions since 1988. You can also see the acquisitions that Siab did between 1990 and 1995 and also the two companies that together formed NCC in 1988.

NCC acquisitions
NCC sells its Finnish design and engineering business Optiplan to Sweco

NCC sells its subsidiary Optiplan, the design and engineering company, to Sweco. Optiplan offers design and engineering services to the construction industry in Finland. The divestment is expected to have a positive earnings effect of approximately SEK 40 M in the business area Building Nordics in the fourth quarter 2020.

NCC divests Road Services Sweden and Finland to Mutares

NCC divests the Swedish and Finnish part of the Road Services division to the German based holding company Mutares (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: MUX). The transaction will have a marginal negative effect on NCC earnings and a marginal positive effect on the cash flow in the third quarter.

NCC divests Road Services Denmark to Arkil A/S

NCC divests the Danish part of the Road Services division to Arkil A/S through a share purchase agreement. The transaction will have a marginal positive effect on NCC earnings.

NCC sells ViaSafe Sweden to Ramudden

NCC sells a part of division Road Services, ViaSafe Sweden, to Ramudden. ViaSafe Sweden handles road safety solutions, has a turnover of approximately SEK 100 million and employs 60 people.