Binab installs sealing layers under contract in both Sweden and Norway. We also offer a number of modern asphalt and sealing layer products. Many of them, such as mastic asphalt, are products we develop and produce ourselves.

Binab has a proud tradition of its own production that goes far back in time. For instance, did you know that we have produced mastic asphalt in the Stockholm region for more than 100 years?

Let us present the Arlanda plant

At Arlanda, just outside Stockholm, it is not only airplanes from far and wide that circle around. Our own mastic asphalt plant is also not far from the airport. Here, we produce all of our mastic asphalt products for buildings, bridges and parking garages, to name a few. The asphalt plant is certified at 2+ under the stringent standards of the Swedish Transport Administration.

Next to the asphalt plant is our own laboratory where we continuously conduct production tests. All transport boilers and laying equipment are serviced in our own workshop, which is also adjacent to the plant. We receive raw material deliveries from such suppliers as Nynäs, Nordkalk and Ballast.

...and the product factory

A stone's throw from the mastic asphalt plant in Arlanda is our product factory. Here, we produce our popular primers, curbstone cement, sealing compounds and various special products that are bitumen based. We have had the pleasure of producing and delivering products from the factory to exciting projects abroad, such as the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Abeba in Ethiopia and for bridge insulation in Latvia.

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Lars Halldin

Region Manager, NCC Industry

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