Nybergs Entreprenad AB

Nybergs Entreprenad AB is a land, construction and civil engineering company. Our market consists geographically of Gotland County. Historically, the market has moved from the preparation of large areas of land for housing construction to more building, civil engineering and road building as well as operation and maintenance.

Because the market is limited geographically, we must continuously adapt to local demand. This means that we have built up a broad range of expertise. We are positive about the trend over the next few years and are pleased to be involved in the development of Gotland.

Land and civil engineering

Our land and civil engineering division carries out all types of work in this sector: house foundations, landscaping, laying water and sewage pipes, soil restoration, building bridges and roads as well as demolition work. We also have skilled professionals in the area of laying paving and building limestone walls.

Our decades of experience in land and civil engineering work provides us with excellent prerequisites for predicting potential difficulties related to various types of soil and bedrock.

We accept everything from small to large assignments and serve both businesses and consumers. Feel free to contact us as early as the idea and planning stage and we can help create solutions that match your priorities for appearance, quality, cost and time.


We build everything from tenant-owner apartments and single-family homes to municipal and industrial projects. Renovations, new construction and multi-year service agreements. We usually say that we build everything for everyone – our expertise and experience are broad. Regardless of what you need, you are welcome to come to us!

We are both small and large at the same time. Small enough to be able to be flexible and have a personal relationship with our customers, yet large enough to be a strong partner with long-term sustainability.

Our goal is to offer, in complete confidence, leading expertise through private and close collaboration with our customers. Most employees in the company have long and extensive experience in the industry and of the real environments we work in on Gotland. Feel free to contact us as early as the idea and planning stage so that we can help create solutions that match your priorities for appearance, quality, cost and time.

When you hire us, you get more than a construction company. We give you the key to your future. Gotland building power!

Operation and maintenance

The majority of the work is about being responsible for the care of state roads on Gotland. This means everything from plowing and sanding in the winter to cutting verges and repairing potholes in the spring and summer.

We also take care of property maintenance. We care for green areas, cut grass and hedges, clean stairwells and look after waste management rooms. We have competence in trimming trees and the care of avenues. We work across Gotland and can also often help out with small jobs too.

It is wise to choose us as we have a broad range of expertise, but can also bring in resources from our other departments if somebody falls ill, if a fence needs to be fixed or if a playground needs to be built.

Feel free to contact us as early as the planning stage so that we can help create solutions that match your priorities for appearance, quality, cost and time. Ask us for a quote!


In 1930, Einar Nyberg acquired a used Chevrolet truck and drove excavation materials, wood, coal and coke. Since then, Nybergs Entreprenad has developed from a pure transportation company to a company with a broad range of expertise in land, construction and civil engineering work.

Throughout the 1960s, Nybergs grew strongly and established operations on the paving side. In 1975, ABV (now NCC) bought Nybergs Entreprenad AB and the buoyant economy of the 1980s resulted in work where new housing areas were being built around Visby and the expansion of the Port of Visby.

In 1994, Nybergs Entreprenad AB signed a contract with the Swedish Road Administration to take care of maintenance and operation of the state road network on southern Gotland. A business we still have.

NCC's housing construction business on Gotland, which was previously independent, became a part of Nybergs Entreprenade AB's operations in 2001. In 2011, the Gotland construction company ByggTeam AB was acquired, which meant that construction operations more than doubled at Nybergs Entreprenad. This means that the construction side is now the largest part of our business.

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