Safida Montage

Safida Montage is a recruitment company for construction, infrastructure and paving. Founded in 2015 in Warsaw, the company is wholly owned by NCC AB. All recruitment takes place in Poland, for customers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Safida Montage has a large network of workers with extensive experience of the Nordic construction market. We have provided a workforce for around 100 projects, including housing, bridges, schools, hospitals, roads and data centers.

We aim to establish long-term relations with our customers and the workers we have on our books. Honesty, transparency and safety run through every part of our business.

What we offer

There is a lack of skilled workers in the Nordic construction market and many construction companies are short on personnel. At the same time there are many experienced and skilled professionals in Poland who want to come and work in the Nordics. We act as the link between the companies and the workers, while also contributing to a healthier industry.

Right staffing

We offer our customers the right expertise to develop and build communities. We supply a qualified and flexible workforce to meet the customer's needs.

Great transparency

All our business is conducted in line with current collective agreements and legislation. We value transparency and reliability towards our customers and our workers. We have a good, open dialog with public agencies, industry bodies and trade unions to ensure long-term operations.

More competitive

By offering our customers qualified workers at the right price and with the right conditions, we make our customers more competitive.

Our mission


Safida Montage has three recruitment pools

  • Skilled worker – Workers with extensive experience in their professional category. Polish-speaking
  • Working foreman – Skilled workers with expanded responsibility to lead their team, English-speaking
  • Team leader – Manager with responsibility for leading one or more teams, English-speaking

We offer recruitment services in the professional categories

  • Carpenter
  • Concrete worker
  • Groundworker
  • Bricklayer
  • Road and infrastructure worker

Health and safety

The health and safety of our workers is central to our business and we work closely with our customers to ensure a safe working environment.

Before the workers arrive at the projects, they all receive the requisite safety training in Warsaw, according to the customer's needs. All training follows the industry body's requirements in the country in question. In addition, we give training in the customer's specific requirements, so that our workers are well versed in current policies, guidelines and procedures before they reach the workplace.

As well as ensuring that the training requirements are met, we also actively support our working foremen and team leaders in promoting health and safety out in the projects. We work to establish a high level of safety awareness in the teams, in order to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries.

Protective clothing and ID06 cards

ID06 cards and protective clothing are ordered in Poland before the workers travel to join the projects, so they are fully equipped for work on their first day on site.

Ulrika Brinck, CEO of Montage. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger
Ulrika Brinck

CEO, Montage, NCC Infrastructure