Sjøentreprenøren AS specializes in underwater construction. We have executed a number of orders all along the Norwegian coast and elsewhere in Scandinavia for clients including major contracting companies and public and private-sector developers. The company’s principal shareholder is NCC Norge AS.

Our services include dredging (both clean and contaminated masses), underwater blasting, mass transportation by water, covering contaminated seabeds, ROV services and construction diving.

Our goal is to be an efficient and flexible partner able to take on all types of underwater work.

Sjøentreprenøren AS is based in Bergen, but operates along the entire Norwegian coast and throughout Scandinavia. We offer our clients and other contractors a consistently high level of service.

The company has all the resources required to keep up with the pace in a continuously developing sector. Increasingly stringent requirements in terms of knowledge, skills, technology and equipment are an everyday reality. Our employees are highly qualified and strive constantly for 100% customer satisfaction.

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