Research, Development and Innovation

NCC has a long experience from systematically driving extensive research and development work. This is done across the company. It spans from knowledge-building research to more industrially oriented product, production and method development, often in close collaboration with customers, suppliers and universities.

NCC has an ongoing collaboration with various universities. Through this collaboration, some of our employees are given the opportunity to further expand their knowledge through industrial PhD projects. This also contributes to NCC’s strategic development. We have a number of adjunct professors, adjunct lecturers, industrial postdoctoral researchers and affiliated faculties posted at large universities (e.g. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Luleå University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, at Lund University and the Danish Technical University).

Key issues for the future

Efficient, safe construction at the right price and with as little climate impact as possible is a key issue for the future. Therefore, we are committed to improving construction methods and collaborative processes and to reducing energy consumption and to increase sustainability. Through research projects, we develop specialist competences within NCC and pave the way for changes in the industry.

International Collaboration

Many of the research projects are conducted in collaboration with universities and research institutes in the NCC countries and the rest of Europe. NCC is also part of several European research networks, ENCORD for example.

Major R&D Projects and Collaborations

NCC participates in several of the universities’ competence centers.


Ashvin is a EU-project aiming at enabling the European construction industry to significantly improve its productivity, while reducing cost and ensuring safe work conditions, by providing a proposal for a European wide digital twin standard, an open-source digital twin platform, tools and processes. Based on the platform, Ashvin will develop and demonstrate applications that use the digital twin data. The platform will provide a digital representation of the construction product at hand and allow to collect real-time digital data before, during, and after production of the product to continuously monitor changes in the environment and within the production process.
The project runs for three years and started in October 2020. There are fourteen partners from eleven different countries.
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