NCC Green Industry Transformation

In 2024, NCC will establish a new business area, NCC Green Industry Transformation. The business area will bring together resources, expertise and projects from across NCC to run major projects related to the green industrial transition. The business area will be built up gradually over the course of the year, but around 30 employees are already working as part of a team to ensure that NCC has the right expertise and resources in place when it is time to start the first projects.

The team consists of specialists from all parts of NCC, from infrastructure to property development. NCC’s current business areas will continue to focus on their respective core businesses; as an add-on service, NCC Green Industry Transformation will support industry players in the green transition.

The new business area’s portfolio will essentially include large, complex projects using new technologies intended to enable the green industrial transformation.

Resources will gradually be transferred to the new business area during 2024. Financially, the business area will be reported under the “Other” segment for at least the entirety of 2024.

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