NCC Industry

NCC Industry focuses on industrial production – stone materials, asphalt, foundation work and recycling of construction materials. We are a proactive partner with combined expertise in manufacturing and contracting with strong focus on sustainable solutions.

NCC's industrial operation is based on the production of stone materials and asphalt, as well as piling and asphalt paving. NCC Industry is organized in three divisions; Asphalt, Hercules (piling operations) and Stone Materials. The various sections are related and form a natural refinement chain that is well integrated with NCC's construction and civil engineering operations.

The customer base for stone materials, asphalt production, piling and surfacing derives both from the private sector and municipal and public administration. The private market for surfacing and supply of stone materials comprises the largest portion of the customer base. As a customer you will benefit from our Nordic competence as a leading player in our markets delivering the right products and services for your projects.

NCC Industry account for approximately 20 percent of the NCC Group's turnover. The market position is very strong in Nordic countries.

Jyri Salonen, Head of NCC Industry. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger
Jyri Salonen

Head of NCC Industry

Merja Alastalo, Communication Manager NCC Industry. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson
Merja Alastalo

Head of Communication Finland, Communication Partner BA Industry, NCC Group