About our brand

Our brand is kept alive through everything we do: in meetings with our customers, how we communicate, and how we develop and deliver our projects. A strong brand helps us stand out from our competitors and builds trust among both customers and employees, while supporting our strategic direction.

We take our customers through the construction process, focusing on the solutions, not the problems. The ability to leverage our combined knowledge and experience is the key to successful projects – and long-term collaboration. That’s how we turn visions into reality.

Make it happen.

In our brand communication, we use a simple sentence to explain our promise to customers about how we achieve their ideas and plans. Watch the video to see how we do just that. Make it happen.

NCC’s brand is a very important asset for us, which we nurture and take care of. So it's important for us that all activities where NCC is present and visible (e.g. events, advertising, sponsorship, etc.) are in line with our brand communication guidelines.

Do you have any questions about our brand or want to contact us about issues relating to intellectual property rights, using NCC as a reference or future brand collaboration? Don’t hesitate to contact us at branding@ncc.se.

NCC’s visual identity

We have developed a brand concept and platform that set the direction for consistent brand communication, guiding our tone of voice and setting the framework for our visual identity. 

In the NCC brand portal you will find the guidelines and tools that guide all NCC brand communication and our visual identity. Our subsidiaries’ brands are also presented here.

Reach out to your contact person at NCC or email us at branding@ncc.se for access to the NCC Brand portal and support with brand-related issues.

Our visual identity

We are proud of our company and brand. Therefore, we handle NCC's brand with care and that the experience of our brand should be consistent throughout the company and in the countries in which we operate. And we expect all our partners and suppliers to do the same.

In NCC's brand portal, you will find the guidelines and tools that guide all communication of NCC's brand.

Please reach out to your contact person at NCC or email us at branding@ncc.se to get access to the brand portal and support in brand-related issues.

To use NCC as a reference

One of our most important visual symbols for the NCC brand is our logo. Therefore, we want to control and direct the use of NCC as customer and / or partnership references.

To ensure that references and brand associations strengthen NCC's overall reputation and brand, we have Group-wide directives for guiding and supporting decisions on the use of NCC as a reference in broader external communication.

All companies, organizations or individuals who want to use NCC as a reference (in text or image) must apply according to the following principles:

A request to use NCC as a reference must:

  • that the applicant is a strategic supplier to NCC
  • that it gives NCC a value and is in accordance with our values, brand platform and code of conduct.
  • be able to provide reference and responsible contract manager at NCC
  • use of reference / logo must always be limited in time
  • describe how to expose the logo or name and through which communication channels

A strategic supplier must have:

  • a long-term strategic business relationship with NCC
  • a reference to projects / services that are not older than 3 years
  • a clear sustainability agenda

The application process begins with a formal application sent to:

  • Contact person at NCC Purchasing Department for validation and evaluation

Approval of using NCC as a reference must be updated regularly.

Our view on sponsorship

Sponsorship is part of our overall marketing communication and will contribute to strengthening NCC's brand and desired associations.
We have chosen to have a uniform direction for sponsorship throughout NCC with the ambition to focus on a few, defined by us, activities, and areas.

We want the sponsorship to create a win-win-win. That is, all parties get the same amount out of the collaboration at the same time as we can together produce unique experiences for our stakeholders. Our values are honesty, respect, and trust. Values that we want to be reflected in all our activities.

We at NCC choose to avoid:

  • Anything associated with danger or violence
  • Political or religious groups
  • Activities which clearly damage the environment
  • Anything linked with tobacco and alcohol
  • Passive and routine donations

In accordance with NCC's code of conduct, we refrain from entering into sponsorships as a mere replacement of our services or to give NCC an advantage in procurements.

Application for Sponsorship

Do you want to contact us to present a project or proposal for collaboration? Welcome with your request for contact or written sponsorship application via e-mail: sponsorship@ncc.se

Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to direct telephone or meeting requests. According to our routine for sponsorship inquiries, incoming inquiries are evaluated per month, and we always provide feedback via email.