The way we operate - Code of Conduct

NCC's Code of Conduct describes the expected behavior of all stakeholders – employees, managers, board and business partners – that support the ethical culture of the organization.

NCC’s Code of Conduct, which is firmly rooted in our core values, provides guidance on how our employees should conduct ourselves and make correct decisions in our everyday work. We must maintain our high ethical standards in all our external and internal relationships, whether we are dealing with customers, business partners, subcontractors or colleagues.

NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region and our business affects the whole of society, now and into the future, which places certain requirements on us as a company. It is therefore essential to ensure ethical and responsible business practices, something we do by acting in line with our Code of Conduct. As the foundation of a successful NCC, we also apply our Code of Conduct in the same way to build long-term relations and partnerships with our stakeholders.

Tomas Carlsson