Build hope for the future

Each year NCC makes a Christmas donation instead of distributing cards and gifts to employees and business partners. This year, we are proud to support organizations that provide children with homework help, thereby enabling more children to get the most out of their education and to enjoy school.

NCC is a knowledge-based company and over time in need to recruit talented employees to further develop the company. We want to contribute to good conditions and equal opportunities for children and young people to succeed in school, which is also the foundation for further studies.

This year the Christmas donation of total SEK 1,5 million is equally shared between the Nordic countries to the following organizations:

Denmark, Finland and Norway: Red Cross Homework Help, supporting school children who do not have access to homework help at home.

Sweden: Mattecentrum, which offers support free of charge to improve and stimulate students’ knowledge of and interest in mathematics. In addition to supporting Mattecentrum’s regular operations, NCC is also initiating a longer partnership to strengthen support at locally selected areas in the country, with employees also being encouraged to take part in local group math tutoring sessions and digital initiatives.

With NCC’s donations, these organizations can help more children thrive in school and build a better future.