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We use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies ("cookies") on this website in order to collect visitor statistics and to improve your experience on this website.

For information regarding the processing of your personal data, please see our privacy no­tice.

Where necessary, we may update this information from time to time. We recommend that you visit this page on a regular basis to get the latest infor­mation regarding the cookies we use on our website.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file placed on your computer, mobile device or tablet by web page servers when you visit websites. We use two types of cookies on our website: session cookies and persistent cookies.

  • Session cookies are stored during the period there is an active session, i.e. during the period you use the website. Session cookies are normally deleted when you close your web browser.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device until the set expiration date for each cookie or until you manually delete the cookie from your device. 

Web beacons are transparent images which may be included in e-mails sent to you.

Similar technologies are technologies that store information in your web browser or on your device in a similar way as cookies and web beacons.

2. Consent to our use of cookies

By setting your web browser to accept cookies and visit our website, you give your consent to our and our service providers' use of cookies on this website.

Should you not wish that cookies are stored on your computer, mobile device or tablet, you may change your web browser settings to disable cookies. Because cookies are used throughout the website, disabling them may prevent you from using certain parts of the site.

3. Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used on this website used for the following purposes.

3.1 Statistics

We use cookies to collect visitor statistics in order to get a better understanding of how our website is used.

3.2 Improve your experience

Cookies used for this purpose will enable the website to e.g. store information about your browsing history, in order to improve your experience at the website and provide you with tailored content when appropriate.

3.3 Necessary for the website's performance

Data from these cookies enables you to use the website and its features and are necessary in order for the website to function properly.

You find detailed information regarding the cookies used on this website below. 

Category Name Expiration date Purpose Personal data Transfer to 3rd party
Statistics Google Analytics 24 months Improve user experience No Google Inc
Statistics Ontame 24 months Track job applications No Ontame
Statistics Hotjar 30 days Improve user experience No Hotjar
Statistics Leadoo 12 months Chatbot for potential tenants No Leadoo

4. Contact us

Should you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please see below for contact details.

Phone:+46-8-585 510 00

Updated: 2018-05-23