Invoicing NCC

At NCC we want to have sound business relationships and straightforward and clear communication with our suppliers. In these pages you find our billing requirements and the way in which you submit invoices to us.

NCC's general requirements for billing

The following rules apply in cases where nothing else is agreed

  • NCC pays a supplier 30 days after receiving an invoice, provided that the invoice is properly issued. 
  • NCC requires all invoices to be labeled in order for it to be considered asproperly issued. Read more under the heading "Labeling of invoices".
  • NCC does not allow any form of resale of  invoices to a third party, so-called "factoring".
  • Suppliers in Sweden must be approved for F-tax.
  • NCC assumes that our suppliers have a bank account to ensure correct payment information.

Marking invoices

All invoices sent to companies in the NCC Group must contain certain mandatory information. Any invoices that do not account for VAT reverse charge rules or lack other mandatory information will be returned.

  • Reference number
    Consists of the project number (7-8 digits), account (5 digits) and any sub-account (4 digits), separated by a hyphen, e.g. 00000000-00000-0000.
  • Company name
    Give the full name of the company.
  • Reference person
    First and last name of the client at NCC.
  • VAT reversed charge in Sveden and Finland
    If the invoice is subject to VAT reversed charge, the information text ‘VAT reversed charge for building and construction services applies’ must be included, together with the VAT number of the NCC client company.

Read more about VAT reversed charge at