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Invoicing NCC

At NCC we want to have sound business relationships and straightforward and clear communication with our suppliers. In these pages you find our billing requirements and the way in which you submit invoices to us.

NCC’s general requirements for invoicing

In addition to general legal requirements for an invoice, NCC has its own requirements for the invoice to be approved and paid. If the requirements are not met, the invoice will be returned.

  • The invoice must be issued with the recipients full, legal name.
    (The name of the NCC company you are invoicing)
  • The invoice must be marked with the correct NCC reference number. Read more under the heading” marking of invoices”.
  • Swedish suppliers must be approved for F-tax.
    Changed tax rules for work in Sweden from 1 January 2021. Foreign suppliers to NCC who perform work in Sweden must also be registered for F-tax.
    Registered holdings of F-tax must appear in the text on the invoice
  • NCC assumes that our Swedish suppliers have a Swedish bankgiro for us to be able to ensure correct payment information.
  • NCC applies payment terms below, unless other terms are regulated in written agreements with NCC. This requires that the invoice is correctly issued and approved.
    • For Sweden: 30 days after receipt
    • For Denmark: Current month + 30 days
    • For Finland: 30 days after receipt
    • For Norway: 45 days after invoice date

Marking of invoices

All invoices sent to a company within the NCC Group must contain the following reference information:

  • Reference number
    Numerical information, number of positions varies depending on business. NCC’s customers are responsible for giving you correct information when ordering.
  • Reference person
    First name and the last name of the customer in NCC.
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