FAQ – Questions and answers

Why do I get the invoice in return?

There can be various reasons why an invoice is sent back to the supplier. Here are some common reasons for returns.

  • The reference number is incorrect
  • The reference number is missing
  • The invoice does not meet legal requirements for an invoice

NCC validates that a correct reference number is stated on the invoice and that this number is valid in the NCC company that is the invoice recipient. The correct reference number must match the correct NCC company name and organization number.

What do I do if I have received an invoice in return? 

You must send a new invoice with complete information. We always send information about what is wrong on the invoice when we return it. If the reference number is incorrect/missing, contact your NCC reference person.

When do I get paid for my invoice? 

NCC applies payment terms below, unless other terms are regulated in written agreements with NCC. This requires that the invoice is correctly issued and approved.

  • For Sweden: 30 days after receipt
  • For Denmark: Current month + 30 days
  • For Finland: 30 days after receipt
  • For Norway: 45 days after invoice date

How can I invoice NCC electronically? 

NCC receives e-invoices in different ways and we recommend you as a supplier to send e-invoices. More information can be found here. Link to Technical guide – to the right.