NCC Delivery Calendar

A simple tool witch simplifies coordination with all project members. All project members can coordinate unloading times, unloading zones and book reception and delivery resources so that they can be distributed over the day / week.

What You can do in NCC Delivery Calendar

  • Coordinate deliveries with other project participants
  • Book a time for unloading, book unloading zone and receiving resources as well as carrying resources
  • Receive notifications of confirmed and changed bookings
  • Easy access to external and internal Siteplans
  • Easy access to Logistics instructions and Driving instructions for deliveries / visitors
  • Use it on smartphones and tablets
  • Access to statistics about the bookings

How to get access

  • Your NCC contact can help you become a member of a specific project
  • By default available to all internal and external project participants in the NCC Project Portal
  • Also available for access only the Delivery Calendar (and not the NCC Project Portal).