Reliable Partner service

NCC obligates its contractors and their subcontractors to join the Reliable Partner service.

NCC Suomi Oy and NCC Industry Oy require all of their Finnish and Estonian contractors and subcontractors to use the Reliable Partner service of Vastuu Group Oy.

Joining the Reliable Partner service is an easy and affordable way for contractors to show that their contractor’s obligations and liabilities are in order. Through the programme, information pertaining to the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted out is retrieved from various registers and kept up to date.

The contractor obligation and liability report includes the following documents:

  • a description of registration in the prepayment, VAT and employer registers
  • a trade register extract
  • a certificate of the payment of taxes
  • a certificate of pension insurance and the payment of pension insurance premiums
  • a certificate of the applicable collective agreement
  • a certificate of valid accident insurance
  • business prohibitions
  • a certificate of the organisation of healthcare services

It is recommended to add to the service a voluntary additional certificate about liability insurance.

NCC Suomi Oy requires from subcontractors and their subcontractors a scheme of payment made with the local tax administration of contractor or subcontractor, when tax debt exceeds 500 €. In Finland the local tax administration is Verohallinto.

The Reliable Partner service can be joined by completing a power of attorney at the website.

The purpose of this practice is to fight unreported employment and promote healthy competition. Through this, NCC wishes to ensure that its contractual partners and their subcontractors fulfil their statutory obligations as contracting parties and employers.