Work of the Board of Directors

The Board shall consist of not fewer than five and not more than ten members, elected by the Annual General Meeting. The employees are represented on the Board. The Board Members are elected for a period of one year.

The Annual General Meeting elects a Nomination Committee, which nominates candidates to the Annual General Meeting for election as Board members, proposes the fees to be paid to Board members and nominates auditors and the fees to be paid to them.

Audit Committee and Project Committee

The Board’s Audit Committee comprises Board Members Angela Langemar Olsson, Mats Jönsson and Birgit Nørgaard. The Chairman of the Audit Committee is Angela Langemar Olsson. The Board of Directors’ Project Committee comprises Board Members Alf Göransson and Geir Magne Aarstad. The Project Committee is chaired by Alf Göransson.

Work of the Board of Directors

In 2020, NCC’s Board held seven scheduled meetings, four unscheduled meetings and the statutory meeting directly after the AGM. The Board’s work focuses primarily on strategic issues, the adoption and follow-up of operational goals, business plans, financial accounts, major investments and divestments, plus other decisions that have to be addressed by the Board. The average attendance of board meetings was 95 %.

The Board has established rules of procedure for its work and instructions for the division of duties between the Board and the CEO, as well as for financial reporting to the Board. The Board made a number of worksite visits in connection with Board meetings. In addition to the CEO and the CFO, other senior NCC executives participated in Board meetings in order to present matters. NCC’s Senior Legal Counsel was secretary of the Board.

The tasks of the Audit Committee, within the framework of the work of the Board, include monitoring the company's financial statements and preparing matters related to the company's financial statements and audit in accordance with Chapter 8, Section 49 b of the Swedish Companies Act, and fulfill the duties pursuant to EU ordinance No. 537/2014. In 2019, the Audit Committee held seven meetings at which all members were present. In December 2018, in accordance with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, the Board of Directors established an independent internal audit function, Group Internal Audit, which has since conducted audits of the entire Group on assignment from the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors. The Board’s evaluation of its work was conducted through a Board Member engaging in separate interviews of other Members. The results of these interviews were then compiled and discussed by the Board. Documentation for this matter was presented to the Nomination Committee. The Board’s Project Committee, which assists in the preparation, analysis and decisions regarding tenders in contracting operations for projects exceeding SEK 1.5 billion. In 2019, the Committee addressed five projects and held five meetings, which all members attended.

Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board directs the work conducted by the Board and maintains regular contact with the President and CEO, in order to continuously monitor the Group’s operations and development. The Chairman represents the Company in ownership matters and is a co-opted member of the Nomination Committee but has no voting right.

Evaluation of the Board of Directors and Auditors

The Board of Directors is evaluated within the framework of the Nomination Committee’s work. The Board also performs an annual evaluation of its work and the format for performing Board work, which also constitutes part of the Nomination Committee’s evaluation. The Audit Committee also assists the Nomination Committee in evaluating the work of the auditors.

Internal control

The Board has overall responsibility for the internal control of financial reporting. Each year, the Board establishes rules of procedure for the Board’s work and an instruction concerning the division of work between the Board and the Chief Executive Officer. According to this instruction, the President and CEO is responsible for the internal control and for contributing to an efficient control environment.

Board remuneration

According to the Nomination Committee’s proposal, the AGM 2021 resolved that the members elected by the AGM be paid director fees in a total amount of SEK 4,500,000, distributed so that the Chairman of the Board receives SEK 1,500,000 and each other member elected by the AGM receives SEK 500,000.
In accordance with the Nomination Committee’s proposal, the AGM also resolved that specific fees would be payable in an amount of SEK 175,000 to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and of SEK 125,000 to each member of the Audit Committee, and that specific fees would be payable in an amount of SEK 125,000 to the Chairman of the Project Committee and of SEK 100,000 to each member of the Project Committee.