Governing Documents

NCC AB's Board of Directors and Senior Management have established a number of governing documents and more detailed guidelines for the corporation.

They are available for all business units on NCC's intranet and are updated regularly to reflect changes in operations and future requirements. Among the more important governing documents are the Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors, the Chain of Command, Financial Policy, Information Policy, Code of Conduct and our rules about compliance and business ethics.

The Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors, including the Chain of Command, specifies which cases shall be settled by the Board of Directors for NCC AB, the CEO/Senior Management, or at the business area level. The Chain of Command's threshold values for decisions are further broken down into rules for decisions in the business areas.

Regular and systematic reporting of compliance with the more important governing documents, such as the Code of Conduct, occur from the business units via the business areas to the Executive Management.