Market commentary in the interim report for Q1, 2021

The long-term market conditions for contracting operations and industrial operations in the Nordic region are positive. There is an underlying stable demand for public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and retirement homes, and for residential units, driven by growth and development in the metropolitan regions and other growth centers. This is also driving initiatives for infrastructure in city outskirts, including roads, public transport, water and wastewater, and energy solutions. In general, the market for renovation and refurbishment is also healthy.

At a national level, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have ambitious and comprehensive infrastructure plans for long-term public investments in new construction as well as refurbishment and maintenance of national and regional infrastructure. Demand for asphalt and stone materials in Norway and Sweden is fueled by a healthy market for infrastructure and maintenance.

In the main, NCC is impacted by the general economic situation and the GDP trend. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, there were some signals of a slight slowdown in certain submarkets, but this was offset by large public investments and it is not possible to draw any clear conclusions about long-term effects on the Nordic and global economies.