A headquarters district of international standard to be built in Ruoholahti combining the environment with service culture in an entirely new way

Deloitte will bring its Finnish headquarters and over 700 employees to the We Land building to be completed in the K. A. Fagerholm Square in the Ruoholahti district of Helsinki in 2022. The target set for We Land, a concept developed by NCC, is to upgrade the Ruoholahti district into one of Helsinki’s most attractive areas. The building is designed to meet the exceptionally high BREEAM rating of Outstanding.

- Companies want to ensure the best possible working conditions for their employees. We are delighted to be able to offer a suitable solution to an international company like Deloitte which offers demanding expert services, Senior Developer Heikki Alén of NCC Property Development says.

- NCC’s We Land concept meets our expectations and provides us with modern, sustainable, diverse and for most comfortable business premises. We will design the space with our employees, and we are extremely excited about this project, Deloitte Finland CEO Tomi Pitkänen says.

NCC has been planning the area in co-operation with the City of Helsinki, the architect firm JKMM Arkkitehdit with the participation of the companies and tenants of the area. The core idea of the We Land concept comprises open spaces to users and residents of the area, quality restaurants, cafés and events.

- No space alone can solve a company’s demands. The space will always need to be complemented with the right services, technology and people. Ruoholahti is currently a workplace area with 19,000 jobs where 20 per cent of Helsinki’s head offices are located. We want to upgrade the Ruoholahti into one of Helsinki’s most attractive areas and to create an open atmosphere there which lives and breathes 24/7, Alén states.

Membership tenancy model and services as in a hotel

The companies’ space demands and ways of organising the work will change over their life cycle. This is why the traditional tenancy model requires updating. We Land’s tenancy makes flexible space solutions possible, offering the services necessary for working and work well-being.

- People need easily accessible workplaces which ensure smooth working. The concierge service will meet even the highest demands and raise the utilization rate of the lobby. Our target is to set a generally measurable reference level for the service at We Land.

BREEAM Outstanding – strict requirements for energy- and resource efficiency, traffic and operation

BREEAM Outstanding in construction is exceptional even on the international scale. The space design, material choices, services, communications and operation of We Land are all in line with the principle ’As green as possible’. There are several users in the spaces and parking lots, all car parking and part of the bike parking spaces are equipped with charging, the structural solutions and modifiable spaces are long-lived, the façade materials recyclable, the interior decoration as ecological as possible, including greenery plantings and solar panels to be installed on the roof.

- The solutions of the built environment can have a considerable impact on slowing down the climate change and on adding to the people’s well-being. Both Deloitte and NCC want to be pioneers in creating responsible office spaces, Alén and Pitkänen emphasise.

Further information:
Heikki Alén, Senior Developer, NCC Property Development, tel.+358 40 567 6619, heikki.alen@ncc.fi

Tomi Pitkänen, CEO, Deloitte, tel. +358 40 534 3637, tomi.pitkanen@deloitte.fi

Suvi Ahlajärvi, Director, Deloitte, tel. +358 40 7548 715, suvi.ahlajarvi@deloitte.fi

Satu Holm-Jumppanen, Media Relations, NCC, tel. +358 50 305 4718, satu.holm-jumppanen@ncc.fi