Buildings A and B at NCC's project OOPS are ready for moving in

Buildings A and B of NCC's OOPS project have been completed in the Hatsinanpuisto area, Espoo, Finland. NCC's development project offers unique office space in a top location where accessibility shakes hands with nature.

OOPS is much more than just new office space: with the service offered, a completely new urban environment is created here that extends from the existing Leppävaara center to the other side of Ringvägen I, which runs along the Monikonpuro brook.

“The first phase of the area development project was completed at the end of the summer with approximately 18,000 square meters and 400 parking spaces. OOPS and the attractiveness of the surroundings are clear, now that most of the project has been rented out, says NCC’s Project Director Pirkka Pikkarainen and Project Manager Markus Pahikkala.

The first company to move into the new building is the software company Trimble, whose new head office has been built with the very latest digital tools. Life science companies Astellas Pharma and ResMed will also locate their offices at OOPS, as will the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson and Analyze2, which offer software services to commercial chains.

“Employees, other tenants and city dwellers will be able to enjoy restaurant and cafeteria services provided by Juvenes Oy, which opens in the building. At street level, there are still two high-rise retail spaces with 80 square meters of space in each. Offices are still available in the size category from 200 to 1,000 square meters, says Pahikkala.

Next to everything - close to nature

OOPS has excellent traffic connections, at the intersection of ring road I and the railway track, and it will also be reached by the future tram service Raide-Jokeri and via light traffic routes.

At the centrally located OOPS, the built environment and proximity to nature are well balanced. The Monikonpuro brook with its significant natural values flows through all the buildings in Hatsinanpuisto Park and OOPS, which gives the area a special identity and contributes to the area's attraction.

According to Pikkarainen and Pahikkala, the pandemic has created new challenges for companies' space needs. OOPS is highly modifiable for changing business needs, as flexibility and modifiability have been key ever since the design was launched.

“Even today, employers want to pay more attention to motivating employees to come to the workplace. New office space is inviting, as it offers versatile spaces for many different ways of working, including inspiring places for meetings. Increasing work surfaces correlates with occupational health and companies' successes, says Pikkarainen.

Focus on sustainability

OOPS has been built with a strong focus on solar energy, energy efficiency, adjustable lighting depending on daylight, charging stations for electric cars and environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials.

The project has been a collaboration between the project's various partners and stakeholders, such as the City of Espoo, Varma pensionsförsäkring, future tenants and the project's general designers.

The development work continues. Buildings A and B will later be complemented by office buildings C, D and E, a hotel and a local center that includes everyday services, including entertainment and sports facilities.

What is OOPS?

  • OOPS, or Oasis of Professionals, is a new district in Hatsinanpuisto, Leppävaara in Espoo for workplaces, retail, housing, entertainment and experiences.
  • OOPS is based on well-being architecture. It creates infrastructure to develop an international ecosystem in the area.
  • A place in the middle of the developing Leppävaara: well-functioning traffic connections in the neighbors of the Sello shopping center, at the intersection of ring road I, the main line and future tram traffic.
  • OOPS in numbers: 38,000 square meters of office space, 30,000 square meters of retail and experiences and 11,000 square meters of hotel space.
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