Christina Lindbäck one of the most powerful people in sustainability in Sweden

NCC’s SVP Corporate Sustainability Christina Lindbäck has been ranked as one of the most influential people in sustainability in Sweden. Christina Lindbäck is ranked 75. Sustainability is a prioritized area for NCC and essential to maintaining its leading position and generating growth.

“I am honored by the ranking, which shows that NCC is a leader in the area and that we are in a position to drive sustainable development forward. Though we will not become complacent now, rather we are putting even more effort into renewing the industry and offering superior sustainable solutions in both Sweden and the other Nordic countries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my own team, including our sustainability managers and everyone at NCC who is working sustainably to achieve our vision,” says Christina Lindbäck.

Each year, a jury from the Aktuell Hållbarhet magazine names the year’s 101 most powerful people in the field of sustainability in Sweden. Anyone can nominate people they think should be included in the ranking, which includes politicians, researchers, business leaders, lobbyists, activists and other people who set the agenda and push for sustainable development in Sweden. This year’s list was announced at a ceremony on March 13 in Stockholm.

Sustainability for NCC

For NCC, sustainability encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects of business. It involves not only NCC’s responsibility in these areas, but also the future requirements of our stakeholders and society. The way we design the society of the future has a major impact on current and future generations – buildings and infrastructure are an essential part of this and this is where NCC can play a part and make a positive difference.


75. Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability at NCC
“Christina Lindbäck has continued to drive change in the conservative construction industry. Over the past year, she has been involved in the project to develop a road map for a fossil-free construction sector, an initiative the industry is pursuing together with the Fossil Free Sweden organization. Other sustainability projects at NCC include an internal portal for the reuse of construction materials and a “gender equal changing room”.

Photo: Erik Mårtensson