Light a candle for those in need of help the most

Every Christmas, instead of sending Christmas cards or gifts to customers and employees, we at NCC choose to donate one million kronor to organizations that dedicate themselves to making life better for those who are the most disadvantaged.

What, then, is this year’s Christmas present? This year, we have selected three organizations that work each and every day to provide the most destitute people in the world with a small glimmer of hope for a better future. In different parts of the world, using different approaches, these organizations all contribute their knowledge and promote activities that result in helping people to help themselves. This is the common denominator for the organizations receiving the 2016 Christmas donation from NCC.

During the first few weeks of December, NCC’s employees will vote for the organization that tugs just a little more at their heartstrings. The organization that appeals the most to our company will receive 750,000 SEK, and the other two will share the remaining 250,000 SEK. 

All these organizations’ activities add a little more warmth to our hearts. We also hope that our efforts will inspire more people to contribute to these initiatives or to other organizations.

During the Christmas week, we at NCC will reveal the organization that our employees have decided should receive the biggest check. It’s a super-sized, nicely wrapped Christmas gift that’s always fun to give, and one that we will also follow up on a little more closely in the years ahead.

Want to see what our Christmas donations from previous years have contributed to?