New NCC Code of Conduct

NCC’s Code of Conduct, which describes how to act in a work context, applies to all employees and managers, plus NCC’s board and business partners. Now NCC updates and includes new areas to the code.

NCC creates and develops communities by providing housing, workplaces and infrastructure. To do this in a responsible and ethical way, NCC have a shared Code of Conduct. The Code has now been updated to include a few new areas and advice on how to handle different situations.

The new areas are:

  • zero tolerance of bribery and corruptionaction
  • against money laundering
  • information and posts on social media
  • new Personal Data Act
  • diversity and equality

"The Code of Conduct doesn't cover every situation, but it is intended to help us 'do the right thing' and speak out when necessary", says Gunnar Bäckström, Group Compliance Officer, NCC Group.

"Following the Code of Conduct is a positive way of living up to our values and it is a joint responsibility for us and for all our stakeholders. The idea is that it should be easy to do the right thing at and with NCC."

The new Code of Conduct was launched on our websites on April 19.

You'll find the new Code of Conduct here.