Corona-adjusted Health & Safety week at NCC

For the sixth consecutive year, NCC conducts a Health & Safety week, where all employees can contribute to an improved work environment. This year’s Health & Safety week is adjusted to be do-able despite the current Corona pandemic.

The week of May 3-7 will see NCC arranging a Health & Safety week for the sixth consecutive year throughout the entire organization in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Health & Safety is a cornerstone in NCC:s strategy and is paramount every day of the year. But putting extra focus on the topic during one week helps us continuously improve within this area.

This year’s program is largely digitalized and in other ways adjusted so that it is possible to conduct despite the ongoing Corona-pandemic.

“Keeping focus on the work environment is important to us at NCC. To be able to uphold normal routines, continue to work and yet feel safe at work despite the Corona pandemic are basic rights for our employees. The Health & Safety week will be conducted despite the obvious challenges, says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, head of Health & Safety at NCC, and continues;

– We encourage our colleagues to hold digital workshops and meetings and to plan for activities outdoors in very small groups or even individually”, says Lars-Gunnar Larsson.