Deloitte is proud to be headquartered in NCC’s We Land

The world-leading audit and financial advisory organisation Deloitte chose We Land, Ruoholahti, for their new Finnish headquarters. The new building project developed by NCC offers modern offices, restaurants and high end service.

Based in Ruoholahti since 2006, Deloitte is well familiar with the neighbourhood. The old office was reaching the end of its useful life span. Deloitte started considering solutions for their new office spaces.

”We outgrew our spaces which neither met our current nor future demands. We want to gather together our top talent and expertise from many different fields according to our core strategy. The office is the key here,” Deloitte’s CEO Tomi Pitkänen says.

”Setting off on the journey towards the change we realised that we wanted to have the kind of spaces that could live together with us. This means flexibility in the changing situations and the ability to support interaction and everyday spontaneous encounters between people. Our new spaces make it possible to share the best ideas and strengths for our customer’s good.”

Brand-new sustainable spaces with the WOW effect

Deloitte launched the process by clarifying existing options that might be re-modelled to suit the company’s demands. At the same time, the company was open to so-called greenfield projects, meaning entirely new possibilities. Still, the location was fixed – in the familiar Ruoholahti they would remain.

”Pretty soon we realised that none of the existing buildings would fulfil our wishes, not even after remodelling. We ended up with entirely new spaces, not only because we wanted the new office to support our strategy, but also to give the wow effect,” Pitkänen contemplates.

”Deloitte finds it important that our office spaces meet the highest environmental norms and requirements for sustainability and responsibility. We are extremely proud that our new headquarters by far undercuts the carbon footprint of buildings completed during the last five years.”

Happily ahead on the same path

In addition to location and easy access, Deloitte appreciates the ability to fine-tune their employee experience and flexibly modify the spaces which must live with the company in the years to come.

”We have fallen in love with both the fulfilment of sustainability targets and the neat architectural solutions and details. For example, the building has an amazing roof terrace where we will be sure to arrange parties of all kinds. The expectations are high,” Pitkänen smiles.

The joint journey in the greenfield project has been a versatile and multifaceted one. Pitkänen is grateful to NCC and Deloitte for the positive ”can do” attitude and co-operation everybody has shown from the very beginning.

”We are moving nicely ahead on the same path. I’m very pleased with the progress we have reached already. If asked whether or not I’d join NCC in a new project, I’d say, based on my own experience, that I’d be happy to,” Pitkänen concludes.