Håkan Broman and Jessica Hellner

Håkan Broman named Legal Counsel of the Year 2018 and Jessica Hellner as finalist in Rising Star of the Year 2018

NCC had both an award winner and a finalist when the Affärsvärlden business magazine presented its Legal Counsel of the Year and Rising Star of the Year awards for 2018. Håkan Broman, General Counsel and acting CEO of NCC, was named as Legal Counsel of the Year and Jessica Hellner, acting General Counsel of NCC Infrastructure, was nominated in the Rising Star of the Year category.

“It is naturally an honor for me, but also for NCC, to both receive the award and a nomination,” says Håkan Broman. “We have highly skilled and committed lawyers at NCC, who work very close to business operations. The award bears testimony to our winning work methods.”

Håkan Broman has been with NCC for 18 years. Since autumn 2017, he has been acting CEO of NCC, but will return to his role as General Counsel when the new CEO, Tomas Carlsson, assumes his position in May 2018.
Jessica Hellner, who was nominated to Rising Star of the Year, joined NCC in August 2016.

“It was a real surprise and very exciting for me to be nominated as Rising Star of the Year 2018,” says Jessica Hellner.

The jury’s commendation for the award of Legal Counsel of the Year 2018: 
“Managing a business in a challenging situation requires leadership with clear, good judgment and strong entrepreneurship. Legal Counsel of the Year 2018 is an exceptionally competent and versatile lawyer with a broad capacity, who admirably personifies the importance of Legal Counsel for the business. In times of change, Legal Counsel of the Year 2018 has received overall responsibility for operations and shouldered a leadership role where the focus on safety and profitability has produced results.” Reads an excerpt from the jury’s commendation.

The Affärsvärlden business magazine, a law firm and the Swedish Company Lawyers Association have presented the Legal Counsel of the Year award for the past six years. Starting last year, the award has included two new categories, one of which is Rising Star of the Year.