NCC Health & Safety Week 2020

The usual Health & Safety week in an unusual way

2020 marks the fifth year that NCC conducts a Health and Safety week throughout the entire organization. The Corona pandemic has made certain adjustments to the program necessary – but has at the same time proven the importance of the topic.

Health and Safety is paramount at NCC every day and every week of the year. Around this time every year, we dedicate a week where we put extra focus on the topic to continuously improve our performance within the area.

This year, the Corona pandemic has meant a number of workarounds. Activities have been moved outdoors to observe the rules for social distancing and meetings shall be held in small groups or individually. Any meetings or workshops that could be held online should be.

- Throughout the Corona pandemic NCC has focused on keeping the wheels in motion and business as usual as much as possible. Canceling the Health & Safety week was not an option, so we made the necessary adjustments to make it happen. This has received very positive response throughout the organization. The pandemic has also proven the importance of staying on top of health and safety issues. With dedicated resources, developed processes, checklists and guidelines already in place, it is easier to keep business as usual when the unusual happens, says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Head of Health and Safety at NCC.