I learn something new – every day

After studying for five years in Uppsala, my interest in sustainability was my way into NCC. After working with EPD mapping for a year, I’ve been a Supervisor at NCC Stenmaterial in Gävleborg since August 2022. And at the turn of the year, I’ll be taking over as Site Manager in Dalarna. What a journey it’s been!

My engineering degree was focused on environmental and water technology, ideal for my first role as a junior engineer, where I worked on producing EPDs (EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration). Of course, I was a bit nervous as a new graduate moving into operations, but that’s where my manager Bengt was a great help – he was not only my manager, but also my mentor, and that was extremely important to me. I think NCC is really good at that: supporting new, younger employees!

Working with EPD mapping was an important first step for me, and in many ways it was especially useful, as it meant that I’d be working in quite a large geographical area. This gave me the opportunity to get to know different parts of the business AND many people in the organization. And a lot of people in the industry outside NCC. It’s been extremely instructive for me.

As Supervisor in Gävleborg, I’m responsible for three sites (sites are what we call quarries or equivalent). It also means a lot of traveling, which means a whole lot of learning. If I were to summarize my job in one word, it would be “fun”. I have fun at work every day – in different ways. Because every day brings new challenges: How can we work in a more circular way? How can we develop recycling? How can we reduce idling in our quarries?