Knowledge development is our biggest advantage

In 2021/2022 I was lucky enough to attend a leadership course together with colleagues from different parts of NCC. It was an exciting chance to learn more about the different business challenges and the opportunities NCC is facing. The course was also an important reminder that our ability to develop ourselves and learn from each other is the biggest advantage NCC has in the construction industry.

The Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) took place over seven sessions, both physical and digital, where we participated in informative courses, talks and discussions. We were also divided into smaller groups where we worked on a case based on real business challenges and opportunities faced by NCC, and how best to tackle them. My group was tasked with considering the possibilities available for a data-savvy company. It resulted in a challenging and rewarding group collaboration from which I learned a great deal.

Unique sharing culture

One of the most exciting things about the SLP course is the opportunity to meet colleagues who work with projects and areas I may not be familiar with. NCC has so many employees working at different levels and on different projects. During our assignment, it was very interesting to hear the diverse thoughts, ideas and points of talented employees from various parts of the company.

For me, this is symbolic of the unique sharing culture that exists within NCC. When we at Building Viken Vest work with a building, we have access to the pool of knowledge that exists across NCC, whether from those working in Building Midt-Norge, Industry or Property Development. They pick up the phone when it rings and are eager to share their experience. This builds incredible team spirit across NCC, and it really is one of the factors that enables us to successfully take on the complex tasks that come our way in this industry.

The knowledge company in practice

NCC is a knowledge company, but what exactly does that mean? For me, the focus is on competence development. We are good at seeking out new knowledge about the latest developments in the construction and civil engineering industry, and it pays off. At Building Viken Vest, we are working on several incredibly exciting projects at the moment, including Drammen Tinghus and the partnering/development phase of the new Ila secure psychiatric building and Hokksund water treatment plant. These are complex and multifaceted projects that we win because we have the general and specific competence the developer is looking for. Continually building on this know-how is the biggest competitive advantage we have.

In this context, good development opportunities such as the Strategic Leadership Program are vital, as they give you a chance to update your knowledge and get to know the company better. Continuing to seek this type of skills improvement is important because it benefits not just the individual employee, but the whole of NCC.