MTV's new, sustainable Pöllölaakso center: a result of close collaboration with NCC

A new era dawned for Finnish media company MTV Oy when it opened its new Pöllölaakso center in the Konepaja area of Helsinki's Vallila district. The unique new site was developed in collaboration with NCC, both parties learning a great deal from each other in the process. Sustainability served as a guiding theme, and it has already borne concrete results.

The long history of MTV can be traced back to an office building constructed in 1967 in the Ilmala district of Helsinki, which acquired the nickname Pöllölaakso ("owl valley" in Finnish) after the owl that had emerged as the company's emblem. Over the years, Pöllölaakso grew from one building to four, and became an icon of its time and industry. Then, a few years ago, a new chapter in its history began.

"After 50 years of service, the old Pöllölaakso had reached the end of the road. Its long-term lease was due to expire, and the area had been zoned for residential construction. With this in mind, we dove into a rather large project by our standards: finding Pöllölaakso a new home,” MTV's CTO Risto Koivula explains.

The move from the old Pöllölaakso site to the new one became Koivula's responsibility. Core considerations in this project included MTV's role as a content house, the need for a central location and good accessibility, and the moving date as determined by the larger schedule: it was known that excavators would be arriving in Ilmala in late January, 2023.

"We rolled up our sleeves and began converting our thoughts into action. We examined several different candidate areas, producing extensive drawings and plans for each. On the basis of the given criteria, we ended up choosing the Konepaja area in Vallila. We were drawn in by the area's long history and gritty industrial background. We looked at its developmental plans and already highly developed zones, and saw a role for ourselves there as well."

Take a look at MTV’s premises, and hear what goals did NCC's Elina Salo have in developing the area and what MTV’s Risto Koivula and Suvi Aherto have to say about the new premises