NCC:s Dome of Visions at Lähiöfest 2017

NCC is present at Lähiöfest 2017 in Helsinki 25 September – 1 October. Lähiöfest is a chain of events spread across ten of Helsinki’s neighbourhoods to awaken debate on the changing cityscape.

The festival culminates in a weekend of events, where NCC will be particularly involved in Jakomäki. NCC also has a prominent role at Teurastamo at Kalasatama, where the Dome of Visions pavilion is a meeting point on sustainable development and renewal. This ideas incubator offers new visions to support innovation.

Urban culture for all

Lähiöfest is collaborating with many different bodies and developing a range of events, sights and experiences for each of the selected suburbs. One of the important aims is for people to come and get to know the places around them and gain new perspectives. The event brings together actors in the City of Helsinki, a large number of companies, universities, activists, small businesses and organisations as well as individual groupings, and most of all the people of Helsinki themselves.